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MrsPuddleduck Tue 31-Jul-07 15:42:40

What is the best way to get rid of ants?!

They have made a nest right under the windowsill where it meets the brick wall underneath. It is right next to our patio door to the garden so we have come in as the kids are constantly in and out of the door.

I have put ant powder (very carefully) on the inside windowsill so they don't come in but daren't put it outside in case they come into the house.

HELP!!! I have a black pulsating blob of ants (with and without wings!)

peanutbear Tue 31-Jul-07 16:24:44

boiling water?

I would put loads of powder down in and outside of house

yogabird Sun 12-Aug-07 23:07:55

if they havenb't gone, hooverthem up then hoover up some ant powder. Don't know whether this works but i read it in the paper at the weekend and it sounded reasonable!

southeastastra Sun 12-Aug-07 23:10:52

polyfila or cement to block the holes

gibberish Sun 12-Aug-07 23:11:00

'Raid' is pretty effective. Probably toxic and incredibly harmful to the environment...

but it works. Stops them coming into the house at least.

We have them nesting outside under our patio slabs and cannot get rid of them. There are too many to kill using boiling water and hoovering But the 'Raid' stuff stops them coming into the house at least. They are such a major PITA.

Linnet Sun 12-Aug-07 23:11:55

One word, Nippon! you get nippon liquid and powder, I'm going to be buying some tomorrow as we also have an ants nest at our living room window. The nest is inside the cavity wall so boiling water is no use but they eat the Nippon and take it back to the nest and it kills the nest. I was told though that you usually have to use it every year.

southeastastra Sun 12-Aug-07 23:12:51

you have to dig them out

gibberish Sun 12-Aug-07 23:13:29

Fab Linnet! Where do you get it?

Loshad Sun 12-Aug-07 23:14:27

we had a mega ant problem last month - mixed borax (from boots) with icing sugar 50:50 and put it near them - very successful and very cheap. my fil will be cementing up all the holes in sept when he comes up :-))

kelwilso0406 Wed 19-Jul-17 22:53:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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