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Visiting Kew Gardens - deals?

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SarfE4sticated Sun 21-Apr-19 23:26:30

Hi all, hope you can help, I am taking DD 11 to Kew tomorrow and wondered if there are any deals on entry price? According to MSE some places will give you 50% off if you go on your own with a 2 for 1 voucher, but am not sure if Kew will do that. I'm hoping for half price for me with child's ticket for DD but not sure if that's realistic! Anyone have any experience?
Also have any of you been lately? Recommend anything? It's going to be hot, so will steer clear of the glass houses I think!
Thanks in advance everyone

SarfE4sticated Sun 21-Apr-19 23:35:27

This is the link to the MSE info

viques Sun 21-Apr-19 23:35:29

The hive installation is interesting, linked to bee activity. Also the palace where George the something lived ( the one married to Helen mirren in the film) quite a modest house, for royalty that is. The glasshouses are lovely, not all baking, they have a chihuly exhibition on ATM which I want to see as I love his work and find it inspires my own glass.

Never managed to wangle / find a discount for Kew, they give measly discounts for old people as well! Where did you find your two for 1?

viques Sun 21-Apr-19 23:37:02

Sorry, missed your link.

SarfE4sticated Sun 21-Apr-19 23:40:15

Thanks @Viques - if you follow the MSE link in my second post you can read all about it. Apparently there is 2 for 1 card with the current issue of Gardeners World magazine, so I might try to find that tomorrow am. Most London train stations have the 'Days out' leaflets that will give you a 2 for 1 voucher when you present a train ticket.

SarfE4sticated Sun 21-Apr-19 23:40:51

Ha! We're too quick of the mark!

nancy75 Sun 21-Apr-19 23:43:56

I don’t understand why it would be half price for you & a child’s ticket? 2 for 1 is normally one full price (adult) ticket and second person (adult or child) free

viques Sun 21-Apr-19 23:44:07

smile flowers

LadyWithLapdog Sun 21-Apr-19 23:48:07

You’d be better off not worrying about the ticket prices but taking a picnic (Tesco very close to the main entrance) and water. The glasshouses are excellent and the Chihuly exhibition fits in very well.

SarfE4sticated Sun 21-Apr-19 23:54:34

@nancy75 well I'm being wildly optimistic of course, but the MSE link mentioned that an adult going on their own 'could' get 50% discount with a 2 for 1 deal (I didn't think that children counted on 2 for 1's)
Yes we will be taking a picnic@LadyWithLapdog always find their cafes really expensive, stuffy and not very well organised.

GiantKitten Sun 21-Apr-19 23:55:11

Kew Palace (where Mr King & Mrs King & a multitude of little Kings lived) is great smile

nancy75 Sun 21-Apr-19 23:56:35

I think it’s more likely that it will be full price adult & free child, most places won’t sell a child ticket on its own

LadyWithLapdog Sun 21-Apr-19 23:56:56

I was particularly disappointed that in one of the outdoor places they didn’t have recycling bins and they used single use cutlery. Poor show.

nancy75 Sun 21-Apr-19 23:57:06

I’ve ised them a few times with train tickets & that’s always been how it works

LadyWithLapdog Sun 21-Apr-19 23:57:41

Outdoor cafes, that should say.

SarfE4sticated Sun 21-Apr-19 23:58:36

I'll just have to throw myself on the mercy of the nice person at the kiosk and hope for the best.

I loved 'the madness of King George' I may take a nightie to run around in!

BeardedMum Sun 21-Apr-19 23:59:05

I love Kew Gardens but it is so expensive. It was packed today. I think they should charge less as their entrance fees are ridiculous.

SarfE4sticated Mon 22-Apr-19 00:04:24

I'm spoilt by my National Trust membership, I feel I should be able to swan in for free everywhere :D I'll pay up and look big, and stay until it shuts!

I'm looking forward to seeing the new borders again. Saw them a few years ago and can't wait to see them more established.

LadyWithLapdog Mon 22-Apr-19 00:05:06

I don’t think £6 for a child is expensive, though I know it was still free not that long ago. £20 for adults is about the same as many other similar places.

SarfE4sticated Mon 22-Apr-19 00:09:03

It probably wouldn't feel so expensive if our visit didn't come at the end of the Easter holidays. Anyway, I'm sure it will be lovely, and if they will accept DD as the other half of my twofer deal then that will be fine too.
Thanks everyone, you've been really helpful.

PigeonofDoom Mon 22-Apr-19 06:45:36

Kew is expensive because they have been struggling for money ever since Margaret Thatcher made them pay a huge amount of back taxes in the 80s. Completely pulled the rug out from under them.
They have been short of cash ever since. It’s a world heritage site that does incredibly important work on plant conservation and holds internationally important collections, but DEFRA (its owned by the government) haven’t funded it properly for the last 40 years.

I love Kew (as you can probably tell smile). You DD might enjoy the treetop walk. If you’re worried about heat, the temperate and alpine houses will be cooler, but a trip wouldn’t be complete for me without the palm House and princess of Wales houses. I love the giant water lillies!

LadyWithLapdog Mon 22-Apr-19 08:51:36

PigeonOfDoom - this might explain why on of the displays is now sponsored by a car company, with two massive petrol-guzzlers on show in the middle of the park, next to their non-recycling bins and single use plastic cutlery.

Manzana Mon 22-Apr-19 09:15:04

in answer to a PP and standing up for Kew, they have removed all single-use plastic from the cafes and restaurants
"Derived from plants and made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, all our food packaging, takeaway cups, plates and cutlery are fully commercially compostable and recyclable. But by sight it’s hard to tell the difference from plastic."

LadyWithLapdog Mon 22-Apr-19 09:17:07

Oh, that was me about the cutlery. Thanks for that and good to know. How about the bins? No bins for recycling next to the cafes.

LadyWithLapdog Mon 22-Apr-19 09:18:28

I suppose you’ll also say the two massive cars on display were some electric ones with amazing environmental credentials.

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