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Bulbs. Lots of leaves but no flowers.

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clippityclop Sun 21-Apr-19 20:09:20

I'd hoped to have miniature iris ready to bring into the house for Easter but there's no sign of ant flowered, just lots of leaves. Likewise various narcissi I planted in pots last Autumn, all roughly twice depth of the bulb. Where have I gone wrong? Is it the depth, as the shop bought ready potted ones someone gave me have the bulbs barely covered with compost?

Knittedfairies Sun 21-Apr-19 21:56:39

You could try planting your bulbs deeper; about 3 times the depth of the bulb. (My miniature iris flowered long before Easter...)

Harebellsies Mon 22-Apr-19 22:58:34

Give them a few years to settle in. They will collect energy through their leaves.

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