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Help this idiot grow giant sunflowers

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RogueV Sun 21-Apr-19 11:17:07

So... bought these seeds. I thought there would be one seed per packet 🙈 but there are approx 75. I wanted to have some sort of sunflower growing competition with DS3 and DH.

I don’t have a lawn... the plan was to put in big planters outside. It says to plant a few then take the weak ones out. But does that still apply if planting in a pot?

Man I must sound stupid.

sackrifice Sun 21-Apr-19 11:23:02

Yes it does. How many pots have you got and how big are they [diameter wise]? I'd say a sunflower needs around a foot of space to flower at the top so if you have pots that are 3 ft diameter I'd sow 2 seeds in each of 4 stations spaced equally around the pot about 4 inches from the sides. Then when they germinate take the weakest of each 2 out.

Or sow into deepish modules and plant out when they start to have their first true [not seed] leaves.

Their tap root grows really fast so it is always best to sow where they are to grow in my opinion.

RogueV Sun 21-Apr-19 11:31:24

I have a few fairly large planters approx 30cm in diameter.

So if I plant 4 seeds per pot and take 2 weakest out, will I have 2 sunflowers per pot?

sackrifice Sun 21-Apr-19 11:34:02

Yes - you will have two plants per pot if you sow 4 seeds and remove the two weakest.

Don't forget after 4 weeks the soil will need feeding, so you will need a high potassium feed once a week.

RogueV Sun 21-Apr-19 13:01:28

Brilliant thank you!

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