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What else is glorious and n your garden?

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daffodilbrain Sat 20-Apr-19 13:28:44

Apart from the flowers and well edged lawn and weed free beds we've Sal slaved over, why is your little haven glorious? Mine is my sofa chairs and new cushions! And thought f a hot tub sauna....

Whisky2014 Sat 20-Apr-19 13:30:23

We have a swimming pool! Unfortunately it's being re-lined at the moment so can't get in it but over summer it will be fab!

Whisky2014 Sat 20-Apr-19 13:30:52

And we get loads of wildlife in it too. Lovely to see smile

TeamDixon Sat 20-Apr-19 17:02:04

My tulips and my lazy corner! I'm having a cheeky G&T! ☀️⛱gin

ticketsonsalenow Sat 20-Apr-19 17:08:51

My acers, and the blossom on my crab apple tree is looking fantastic right now.

eddiemairswife Sat 20-Apr-19 17:09:01

It's a good year for dandelions in my garden!

viccat Sat 20-Apr-19 19:31:17

My kittens are loving it out there! They are coming up to 9 months old so it's their first summer and they're having so much fun. smile

And I'm growing more things this year and enjoying seeing the seedlings get a bit bigger day by day. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lots of little flower plug plants...

Dontsweatthelittlestuff Sat 20-Apr-19 19:33:26

This week I spent some time treating the wood of the summer house and I think it has come up lovely. Just elbow grease and linseed oil.

Less effort by me and more the effort of nature but my rhododendrons are looking fab

Dontsweatthelittlestuff Sat 20-Apr-19 19:38:32

Asleep in the greenhouse

daffodilbrain Sat 20-Apr-19 21:43:49

Oh I feel my garden is missing a cat..😘 the rhododendrons look amazing!

FurrySlipperBoots Sat 20-Apr-19 21:48:25

It's not exactly glorious but the pond is looking better this year than it has for a long time. The old liner had a leak, so the water escaped and the (already too many) pond plants took over. We've had it completely relined and a few new plants added, so although it's looking a bit messy and muddy and half finished it's 100x better than this time last year. And the really awesome thing is that guy who did it was able to save as many of the newts and frog/toadspawn as possible so it's teeming with critters.

Dontsweatthelittlestuff Sat 20-Apr-19 21:58:55

This is my pink rhododendron last night year. It was ok this year but it excelled itself last year.

TixieLix Sat 20-Apr-19 22:06:17

Well, I did have a nice bluebell patch, but between the dog laying in them today, and the tortoise rampaging over them, they’re flattened now!

hoochymamgu Sun 21-Apr-19 14:38:49

Tixie! gringringrin

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sun 21-Apr-19 20:15:41

A blackbird couple, even though they try to uproot my seedlings to see what's under them.

They seem to be everywhere in the garden.

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