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Major sloped garden. Any advice??

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Kiz14 Sat 20-Apr-19 07:31:35

Hi everyone.
We've just bought a house with a beautiful garden that has some lovely views but the only downside is that it has 3 whole levels of tiered timber decking. This was created over 10 years ago by the previous owners as the ground underneath the decking is very sloped.

As we have two LOs and in order to make the garde more practical, we were thinking of getting rid of 2 levels of decking, keeping the top and changing it to the new composite decking. With the sloped land, we were hoping to level parts of it out and create retaining walls. It's a HUGE and expensive job but we know it can be done, we just need to right people.

Can anyone recommend decent landscapers in Birmingham? Has anyone had anything similar done, how much did you pay? Would really appreciate any advice or information. Thank you!!!

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