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Online for pond plants

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didireallysaythat Fri 19-Apr-19 19:45:05

Can anyone recommend an online supplier for pond plants? The local nurseries around me really don't do anything other than water lilies

lljkk Fri 19-Apr-19 19:51:00

Could ask on freecycle. We gave some away via Freecycle a few yrs ago.

Doggydoggydoggy Fri 19-Apr-19 21:03:25

I use eBay

didireallysaythat Fri 19-Apr-19 21:30:49

@Doggydoggydoggy - any particular online store? I couldn't find a lot of choice and what I did find was quite expensive (£12+ for 9cm - maybe this is a fair rate if they are slow growers)

Doggydoggydoggy Fri 19-Apr-19 22:14:07



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