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How would you propagate this succulent?

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Miljah Thu 18-Apr-19 16:23:59

And what is it??!

Found on a roadside in Spain. It seems to grown roots that grow down into the soil, for support or as actual roots?

I have taken 2 cuttings with these 'roots' which, once calloused off, I will either lie a stem along soil with a couple of pegs, and with the 'roots' in contact with the soil; or I will plunge the end into soil.

Miljah Thu 18-Apr-19 16:24:33


Miljah Thu 18-Apr-19 16:25:03

Here, not Hereford! 😊

Holidayshopping Thu 18-Apr-19 16:25:13


NanTheWiser Thu 18-Apr-19 16:52:12

Yep, need a pic, OP.

NanTheWiser Thu 18-Apr-19 21:10:26

It's Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi and dead easy to propagate. You can take a small shoot from the base, or a cutting from further up, and allow to callus for about a week. Then just place it in very gritty compost, and wait for new roots to appear, which will take two or three weeks, then water sparingly. A leaf will almost certainly root as well.
It sends down aerial roots into the soil as you have discovered.

Miljah Sat 20-Apr-19 10:02:52


I don't think some platforms show photographs for some reason.

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