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Mystery self seeded seed! Help please!

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GardenWoes231 Thu 18-Apr-19 15:27:00

This big fat seedling (and his mates) have appeared all over just one of my flower beds. This makes me wonder if it is something I’ve grown seeding about (rather than a weed).
It’s a substantial looking seedling too, the stem is slightly reddish and the leaves are thick.

Hopefully someone can tell me this is something wonderful and not something I’ll have to pull out!

RatherBeRiding Thu 18-Apr-19 15:27:46

Should there be a pic?

GardenWoes231 Thu 18-Apr-19 15:34:40

Sorry picture failed!

GardenWoes231 Thu 18-Apr-19 15:40:52

Well that was a palaver

GardenWoes231 Thu 18-Apr-19 15:43:46

I keep getting an error message when uploading files, let me check with HQ.

GardenWoes231 Thu 18-Apr-19 16:34:39


sackrifice Thu 18-Apr-19 16:35:44

It's really hard to tell yet but it looks to me like a sunflower. Did you have sunflowers there last year?

GardenWoes231 Thu 18-Apr-19 16:37:58

@sackrifice That’s so interesting you say that as we didn’t have them in this spot they were elsewhere in the garden, but I did put some dried heads on top of their pergola (above this bed) for the birds.
They were my first thought too but my mum thinks they’re sycamore seeds!

sackrifice Thu 18-Apr-19 16:40:38

No they are not sycamore. They definitely look like sunflowers to me.

Holidayshopping Thu 18-Apr-19 16:44:37

Look like sunflowers to me.

ReleaseTheBats Thu 18-Apr-19 16:45:01

They look like sunflowers to me too.

Bagpuss5 Thu 18-Apr-19 16:56:10

We get ash tree seedlings everywhere in our garden, but no sign of them yet (in Scotland). They look a bit like that.

GardenWoes231 Thu 18-Apr-19 16:56:52

Oh hooray I am so happy! Just planted a load of new sunflower seeds in pots so think I will transfer these to the allotment when they’ve got true leaves. Lots of cut flowers. Thanks for all your help!

Harebellsies Thu 18-Apr-19 17:01:02

Or borage babies

sackrifice Thu 18-Apr-19 19:04:21

Not furry enough for borage.

PrincessTiggerlily Sun 21-Apr-19 08:51:14

@GardenWoes231 come back and tell us if they do grow into sunflower seeds. I'm surprised they are up already.

GardenWoes231 Sun 21-Apr-19 09:48:03

@princesstiggerlily I think they are! I’ve compared them with the ones I’ve been growing from seed and they’re so similar. But you’re right they’re miles ahead of my pot ones!
I dug them up yesterday as they were in the wrong place and very close together. Giving some to my family as gifts and the rest will go on the allotment for cut flowers.

Side note (perhaps stupidly) I didn’t realise how easy they were to get seed from! We dried only one head on top of the pergola for the birds and these seedlings (probably 30) are all from there.

Going to be collecting seed like mad this year as I’m growing a few totally different varieties smile

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