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Plant identification

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poppinpink Thu 18-Apr-19 14:01:11

Hi could anyone please identify this, not sure if it's a weed or a plant. Thanks

Gatekeeper Thu 18-Apr-19 14:54:53

it's fumitory

Gatekeeper Thu 18-Apr-19 14:56:35

i have some in the 'rough' area of my garden- it tends to spring up when ground is disturbed

LilyRed Thu 18-Apr-19 18:16:15

I second gatekeeper, fumitory. I used to leave it undisturbed as it was against the fence under shrubs that hadn't flowered yet and grub some of it up if it rampaged too much.

poppinpink Fri 19-Apr-19 08:03:16

Thanks everyone!

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