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what can I plant now?

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Jenkeywerewolf Sat 14-Jul-07 23:39:05

We have a big hole in our veggie plot as the broad beans have vacated - what can we plant at this time of year? Thanks.

eyesfront Sun 15-Jul-07 09:48:08

Dwarf french beans - if you are lucky with the weather and have a sheltered sunny spot you may get a late harvest off these.

Otherwise quick herbs and lettuces - rocket, basil, coriander, parsley, mixed salad leaves, spinach, that kind of thing

Carrots might do OK too

Garden centres and mail order websites might still have some cabbages for transplanting - which I generally hate but I have fallen in love with purple sprouting broccoli.

cece Sun 15-Jul-07 09:51:24

I waas going to look at doing this today - I too have a space where my beans were. Was going to check the back of the seeds packets...

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