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What can i do with this space ??

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Ti0101001001100101d Thu 18-Apr-19 09:24:37

Excuse the drawing but what the f*ck can I do with my stupid shaped back garden??

I'm just at work and planning the bank holiday weekend and I think it's time to tackle this garden.

Right now we have a block of concrete slabs outside the French doors, they then go towards the back gate.

The whole thing is sort of L shaped but for some reason the fence on the left and the back fence are on about a 110 degree angle so it's hard to draw straight neat lines from it and any pathway I think will always look wonky.
There's a little shed in the corner.
The gardens about 9m at it's longest and 6 at its widest.

I need to keep some sort of pathway to the gate.
And we may need to add in a bit of bike storage, just a box or something as we don't have a garage - but I'm trying to talk OH out of this.

I'd love if there's a place to sit and a place to put a BBQ.
At a push, if there's place for kids to play when they visit (or if we ever have any of our own whilst we still live here!)
At an extreme push if there's somewhere with some pretty flowers or herbs or fruit trees.

We don't have a ton of money and moving the boundaries/gate/fence isn't an option
But there must be something we can do to make it's layout a bit nicer??

I've never had a garden before having always lived in inner city flats, so I don't even know where to begin.
Literally any advice would be helpful .

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