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Can a yellow transparent apple tree cross pollinate a white transparent apple tree?

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NoHolidaysforyou Wed 17-Apr-19 23:16:47

I seem to have made a mistake. I thought apple trees could cross pollinate as long as there was a different variety so I planted a yellow transparent apple tree and then a white transparent apple tree. Do I really need to plant a third different kind of apple tree for cross pollination to happen? I didn't know that "white transparent" was the European term (I bought this tree from B&Q) and "yellow transparent" was the American term (I bought this tree from Costco).

Geneticsbunny Thu 18-Apr-19 08:27:45

It is a bit complicated. You need to Google the name of the tree and pollination group and if they are the same group you will be fine. I think there are only 3 main groups so you might be lucky. Or a neighbour might have a tree. Bees fly 2 km from a hive so the neighbour doesn't even need to be that nearby.

Helplessfeeling Sat 20-Apr-19 22:12:41

I only have one apple tree in my garden and I get loads of apples. I have no idea how it cross pollinates but it does. There are probably other apples trees around. I would just see what happens this year.

Trethew Sun 21-Apr-19 14:34:20

Transparent is in pollinator group 2 but it is partially self fertile so you should get some fruit without another pollinator. If you want to maximise pollination get an apple in group 1 or 3, or a crab apple. But as pp said, not necessary if there are suitable apples planted in the neighbourhood. Bees and bumbles would help too

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