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Berber is alternative

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Zebrasmummy Tue 16-Apr-19 22:57:04

I have won the fight against 2 large Berberis bushes . . . . I'd had enough of being jabbed and scratched by them and they had to go. Having said that I really like the look of them. The colour is stunning. Any ideas as to what to replace them with in my south facing, dry garden?

Miljah Wed 17-Apr-19 12:39:13


Miljah Wed 17-Apr-19 12:42:35


Zebrasmummy Wed 17-Apr-19 23:48:18

Thanks for those ideas. Cotinus is my favourite of them . . . liking the colour and textures. Will get to a garden centre/nursery and see if they have one. Good ole Mumsnetters help me out again!!

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