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How to kill lawn grass!

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Miljah Tue 16-Apr-19 18:32:47

I am converting an area of lawn into a bed. How should I get rid of the grass?

Don't really want to use weed killer, how long does cardboard weighed down with bricks take?

Any other ideas?

brizzlemint Tue 16-Apr-19 18:58:42

A large sheet of opaque polythene will work a treat, a few days of the paddling pool being on the lawn and it's dead.

SoupDragon Tue 16-Apr-19 19:00:32

I thought you kind of sliced round the edge and then shaved the turf off from where you want the bed to be with a spade

SoupDragon Tue 16-Apr-19 19:00:43

And then fork it over.

InMyBloodstainedSundaysBest Tue 16-Apr-19 19:03:28

I'm with SoupDragon I think you have to take up the turf not kill it.

StillRunningWithScissors Tue 16-Apr-19 19:05:42

Third for digging it up b

An edger to mark out the bed, then a shovel to dig up the grass.

Weedkiller isn't nice, and won't do the new plants any favours.

Cardboard works if you're happy to wait.

EssentialHummus Tue 16-Apr-19 19:07:42

Leave it as is and build a raised bed on top?

Beebumble2 Tue 16-Apr-19 19:49:07

I dug it over and put cardboard over the area. ( old large box cardboard) then I put about 15cms of compost mixed with soil improver. That was 2 years ago no grass has come through and plants are growing well.

wowfudge Tue 16-Apr-19 20:25:48

In addition to what SoupDragon has suggested, take the turf you've sliced off and stack it grass side down. Overtime the grass will die and you'll have some great soil you can reuse in the garden.

Miljah Wed 17-Apr-19 12:26:39

Thanks all!

sackrifice Thu 18-Apr-19 16:39:58

You really do not have to take off the turf, just pop cardboard down and put the new compost on top. It will all die down once it has had no sun for 3 weeks.

SoupDragon Thu 18-Apr-19 19:19:39

Why wait 3 weeks when you can have it done in an afternoon?

sackrifice Thu 18-Apr-19 19:53:04

Why take the turf up when you can just leave it be and by the time the roots get there the grass will be dead?

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