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Is there any hope of resurrecting this fern??

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MunsteadWood Sat 06-Apr-19 08:20:26

Obviously it's totally dried out. Didn't occur to me to water it over winter but clearly I should have done as now this is the result. Is it a lost cause or should I persevere with lots of watering? Or something else? The tiny hint of green in the centre of the plant makes me think it's possibly not completely dead, but I don't see any new shoots.

MunsteadWood Sat 06-Apr-19 08:21:37

We didn't buy it, it's just one that self seeded in a relatives' garden, but still would rather not throw it out if there's hope as it was pretty last summer.

SailorJerry13 Sat 06-Apr-19 08:30:48

Yes that fern is not dead! They all looks like crusty brown dead stuff st the moment, my garden is covered in them.

Don’t over water it and it’ll resurrect itself in a few weeks time....

MunsteadWood Sat 06-Apr-19 10:47:34

Oh brilliant, thank you! That's so reassuring - I thought I'd killed it. What should I do in the meantime? Cut off the dead stems? Carry on with watering (but not too much)? Anything else? Or will it just revive itself as the weather gets warmer?

itsinchicago Sat 06-Apr-19 13:52:36

If it's bone dry, then give it some water now, and cut the old straggly leaves off. Then wait. If you don't get much rain then make sure it doesn't dry out - terracotta pots are famous for doing that pretty quickly because they are porous.

Then, in a few weeks, watch in wonderment as the new leaves unfurl. They really are magical smile

TalkinPaece Sat 06-Apr-19 20:10:55

That is a nice little "male fern" dryopteris affinis
that will look splendid by the end of May

lostinspats Sun 07-Apr-19 15:59:43

Not dead. I would repot with some fresh compost and top dress, you can do that now, and give it some dappled shade if you can so that it's not prone to scorch, which the new growth doesn't like.

MunsteadWood Mon 22-Apr-19 22:00:13

Update on the fern! smile

peridito Tue 23-Apr-19 08:20:31

They're amazing aren't they ? I just love those uncurling fronds !

(And thanks for update )

MunsteadWood Tue 30-Apr-19 14:58:55

So amazing @peridito. The fronds are unfurling so quickly I can almost watch it happening! Gorgeous.

ToftheB Tue 30-Apr-19 15:55:34

The ferns unfurling is my absolute favourite thing in the garden. They’re so beautiful.

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