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Can you help me find a narrow plant pot for a windowsill?

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MandarinOrange Mon 25-Mar-19 09:43:59

I like to keep some herbs indoors on windowsills, so that they are in the warm and light and can easily be accessed for cooking.

But our house has very small windowsills - with a depth of just 8.5cm

Can you help me find rectangular plant pots, with a saucer, 8cm depth but reasonably tall and wide?

I haven't found any online looking at Homebase, B&Q, Wyevale, etc. But in the past I know mumsnet have come up trumps when I have failed!

Thanks in advance

AmIAWeed Mon 25-Mar-19 12:19:35

Instead of trying to find a super narrow pot, could you try something like a hanging pot?
If you had a curtain rail across the window you could hang something like macrame's to hold your pots. Macrame

MandarinOrange Tue 26-Mar-19 14:41:40

Thanks for your response AmIAWeek!
I must admit, macramé hanging pots were not something I had considered previously!
The window has a blind rather than a curtain rail, so it would mean putting some nails in the wall, but this is not insurmountable
My biggest concern would be the pot rocking from side to side and tipping soil out over the kitchen - do you have experience with this kind of set up?

AmIAWeed Tue 26-Mar-19 16:23:59

In my bathroom I have some air plants and orchids hanging from an old rail. I am planning on adding a silver birch branch and have them tied to that, so not really with pots.
With my plants they still need to be soaked once a week so I get them down, dip them in water for an hour and rehang.
Depending on the weight I wonder if a pressure mounted rod would work like you use for net curtains or shower curtains?

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