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Hiding wheely bins

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gardenadviceplease Sun 24-Mar-19 10:25:53

What can I grow to hide wheely bins. Something tall and fast growing and hardy

I've looked at screens and sheds but they all
Look so expensive


crosspelican Sun 24-Mar-19 10:29:02


Beebumble2 Sun 24-Mar-19 14:57:51

I got two tall, recangular planters, 3ft high and some tall bamboo screening. DH made a frame that had legs which went into the planters. The bamboo screen was attached to the frame and the four legs went into the planters.
The planters were then a third filled with gravel for stability, then compost. In them I plant tall ornamental grass, trailing plants and annual climbers to weave through the bamboo.

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