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Ways to create privacy in garden?

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meanieleanie Sun 24-Mar-19 09:24:58

We're on a new build estate and horribly overlooked due to the way they cram the houses in. Garden is a small rectangle. We have a patio, then three sleeper steps up to a square garden. We've got bamboo at the back fence which provides some privacy from rear neighbours.

Any ideas on how to get privacy at the sides too without it looking odd? Are there any plants we can put in pots at the edge of the patio which grow tall and could provide screening?

MatildaTheGreat Sun 24-Mar-19 09:29:45

I’m interested to know too.

Could you have some sort of gazebo structure to sit under? Might also offer some shade.

meanieleanie Sun 24-Mar-19 09:32:19

@MatildaTheGreat that's a good idea actually! I'd rather have something fairly permanent to help in winter too. Will have a look online.

Here's a little diagram in case my description was rubbish!

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sun 24-Mar-19 09:35:45

Climbers on trellis.

Jasmine, clematis, roses, a few tall shrubs, like philadelphus, weigelia, viburnums.

Beebumble2 Sun 24-Mar-19 15:04:25

On last weeks Gardeners World, BBC 2, there was a small garden featured and the owner had a metal pergola for screening plants. It was especially made for her out of concrete strengthening rods.
It looked really lovely.

HJWT Sun 24-Mar-19 15:21:06

Wood trellis at the top of fence with the fake leaf things over top? X

Lovelylugs Sat 30-Mar-19 01:45:33

Climber covered pergola over patio area and some 'pleached' style trees so they give privacy but don't take up space lower down. You could do this yourself with something like viburnum tinus. (Eve Price is scented )

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