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Removing bamboo

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didireallysaythat Fri 08-Mar-19 20:31:57

So as part of a patio build we're getting a digger for a weekend so I also want to use it to dig up a 2 metre square bamboo which I can't get a pickaxe into. How deep will I need to dig to be sure I've got all the roots out? I'm not sure what kind of bamboo it is - it grows up fast and has spread a bit since I attempted to dig it up last summer but not as much as some of the triffid bamboos described on here..

yamadori Sat 09-Mar-19 15:37:04

Until you dig down and see what you've got, it's hard to tell. Possibly a metre deep under it, and up to a metre either side of the clump. Then take a look and see if it goes further.

didireallysaythat Sun 10-Mar-19 08:46:58

@yarnadori - thank you - there's a house in one direction, a concrete path that's coming up in another, the foundations of the outbuildings (also coming out) and the fourth side has a disused cesspit so hopefully it is fairly contained.

I'm not sure we will be able to dig down 1m without putting in trenching for safety - as much as I hate them, is there any chemical that will attack any bits of root left behind?

yamadori Sun 10-Mar-19 11:33:28

Just dig down as far as you can and remove as much as possible then.

If you put any really nasty chemicals down there, all it will do is poison the soil and nothing else will be able to grow there for years. The best thing to do would be to see if any shoots come up and then treat them with Roundup when they appear.

didireallysaythat Sun 10-Mar-19 21:42:14

Thanks @yarnadori - I wasn't sure if I could roundup anything I see lurking in the soil when we dig. We're laying a patio so I'm keen not to have bamboo popping up between the tiles

Callmecordelia Mon 11-Mar-19 06:28:45

We had bamboo in our garden - it's fairly small, and there are two levels with a sloping bed and steps in between. The top level is about 3x5m - a row of running bamboo had been planted on each of the short sides by the developers (not us. We hated the stuff).

We decided to redo the whole back garden last year, and our amazing landscape gardener had to dig down until he could find no more roots, and then went painstakingly through the earth he'd dug out and pulled out all the runners. For some of it he could put the earth he'd dug into our skip, but as access is horrendous (through the house) it couldn't be done for all of it. Fortunately the running kind we had doesn't go too deep, so he didn't have to go down as far as a metre - probably about 40cm.

It was horrendous, it took him a week. The runners had gone everywhere on the top level and had started to go down the slope. We put in a bamboo barrier on the borders because it had escaped next door and we didn't want it back again. The bamboo barrier I bought was 50cm, and you leave 10-15cm above the ground as the runners break cover and try to leap over it. shock.

However, it has worked. Not a single bit of bamboo has come through the barrier, or popped up in the new lawn, or the new steps to the lower level. We've not had to use any chemicals.

One thing to be careful of - some tips are not happy about having bamboo waste. Check before you drive in with a car full of the stuff. It wasn't a problem for us, but I've heard of issues elsewhere.

EgremontRusset Sun 17-Mar-19 11:41:53

callme what was the bamboo barrier - can you
Post a link?

Callmecordelia Sun 17-Mar-19 18:18:54

I bought it from here -

EgremontRusset Sun 17-Mar-19 21:29:50


Summergarden Sun 17-Mar-19 21:34:44

Hmm, I’d been thinking of planting some bamboo along our fence as a quick growing plant to give us more privacy. All these comments from people digging theirs up is a bit concerning.

Why don’t you like it out of interest?

didireallysaythat Sun 17-Mar-19 22:17:36

It's about two metres by two metres, cut down to the ground and grow cm every day and now it's so dense I need to hire a digger to get it out.... It was hiding an oil tank which it did very successfully...

Callmecordelia Mon 18-Mar-19 03:56:51

It grew very fast, and took over the garden.
The runners were incredibly invasive - they colonised the entire garden, pushing up through weed membrane, slate and decking. Even when we cut the canes down to the ground, they sprang up again, swamping the small space really quickly.

It lost vast quantities of leaves which sometimes I cleared out, but it was such a huge job that it overwhelmed me. The garden looked a mess and wasn't nice to be in.

We might have less screening from neighbours now, and it cost a lot in labour to get rid of it but I don't care. Worth it. I can grow other stuff there now and I didn't need to worry about the DC being out there because we didn't use chemicals.

I wish we'd known what we were taking on when we bought the house...

SquirrelShit Mon 25-Mar-19 11:46:46

Ugh, bamboo. Horrendous stuff. Our neighbours on both sides have it and it's impossible to control. I want a panda.

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