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Soil testing

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Katsma Thu 05-Jul-07 02:51:04

We live in a 1960s built house on a site that was previously industrial. The garden is quite large and I'm quite a keen gardener.

At the moment, the planting is entirely ornamental, and quite high maintenance (especially since my 9mo DD was born!)

I would love to get rid of a big chunk of garden by planting an orchard and having a netted soft fruit area.

However, I'm concerned that there is a possibility of soil contamination from the sites history. I'm sure the top soil is okay, but tree roots would reach to the sub-soil.

Does anyone know who could carry out testing for contaminants or have any experience of this themselves?

Bienchen Thu 05-Jul-07 09:10:24

You could contact a local structural surveyor's office. They will point out some engineers and labs that do soil testing. I went down that route many years ago and was immensely relieved by the results.

Katsma Thu 05-Jul-07 12:07:49

Thanks Bienchen, have managed to find a company that will do the testing (for £130 + VAT, gulp!)

They say that the testing is confidential. It had dawned on me as I was on the phone to them that I could end up paying 130 quid to destroy the value of my property!

Glad your results gave you peace of mind.

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