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Pears. How do I store them?

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Pixiefish Mon 02-Jul-07 20:07:09

I might have a glut of pears and have no idea what to do with them. Could make some Perry I spose and we'll eat them obviously but I don't think we'll get through the amount we have before they go off

MarieCeleste Mon 02-Jul-07 20:12:11

You can lightly stew and then freeze them.

Pixiefish Mon 02-Jul-07 20:13:27

and then do what with them Marie?

MarieCeleste Mon 02-Jul-07 20:49:11

Well, the traditional way to eat stewed pears is to stew them in red wine then eat as dessert. But you can use stewed pears as you might stewed apples, eg, eat hot with cream, put a crumble topping on... I think you can also use them in cakes, eg apple cakes - but you'd have to look under recipes for details, I haven't done that. You can dry pear slices in a v slow oven, I believe, but seems a faff to me.

I'm a right one to talk, I have great difficulty harvesting our pears at the right time let alone using them up

Pixiefish Mon 02-Jul-07 20:55:02

lol. Thanks for that Marie. when is the right time to harvest them then- I was just going to wait till they felt right and then collect them aas I was going

MarieCeleste Mon 02-Jul-07 20:56:44

Well, that's the thing - if you believe Monty Don, you have to wander out in the early morning dew every day and gently weigh each pear in your hand to test its readiness to be picked...

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