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CHERRY BLOSSOM IN JUNE??? experts help me find a substitute...

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Leoness Thu 28-Jun-07 16:16:58

I have the uneasy task of needing to find real fresh cherry blossom for a photo shoot next week!!
I need to call on a gardening expert to help me find a convincing substitute .
It needs to be pink and look good in close up. I'm hoping there is a small rose or some thing that could work.

Help GREATLY appreciated

whomovedmychocolate Thu 28-Jun-07 16:46:16

Red valerian is similar in colour and shape (but it's a plant not a tree). Alternatively, pink azaleas and fuschias are just coming into flower now (at least in my garden). I did have apple blossom a few weeks ago too and that was pink (weird but hey maybe I'll have fruit soon).

Leoness Thu 28-Jun-07 17:35:28

Thx whomovedmychocolate I appreciate you answering my call for help and I have googled images of your suggestions but I'm afraid I really need the substitue to look like cherry blossom - as convincing as possible so far the best I've found are some roses and philadelphus ?sp? ( mock orange blossom)

Any more plant knowledge out there??

Professorfilthymindedvixen Thu 28-Jun-07 17:43:33

I have some patio roses which (being small of blossom) would do. Think that's your best bet this time of year, unless you can start scouring shopsfor good fakes (like they did in the wicker man )

here is a website but a quick google showed loads of others!

Leoness Thu 28-Jun-07 17:56:08

Professor I think you are right roses could be the way forward I suppose if the were delicate enough.

I have loads of fake samples but none are good enough for camera.

still looking

anyone heard of paper blossom?

Leoness Fri 29-Jun-07 15:40:11


Still looking

satine Fri 29-Jun-07 15:45:45

Give Ronald Porter (foliage)or Quality Plants at New Covent Garden flower market a call - they should be able to advise.
Ronald Porter: 0207 720 3015
Quality Plants: 0207 978 1188
They're only there from 4 until 8 am, though!

satine Sat 30-Jun-07 12:18:29

Just wanted to see if you'd got this, Leoness - hope it wasn't too late!

Leoness Sun 01-Jul-07 18:18:38

Thank you Satine

I've tried everyone at CGFM Fosters Egans, Bacons everyone...All say it' simpossible and there is no alternative.

Still stumped I'm afraid

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