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Nice smelling front garden ideas

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Esbm2015 Tue 07-Aug-18 10:32:51

Trying to decide what to do with this space. It's at the front of our house and our bedroom overlooks it.

Ideally would love for it to be colourful and smell good for when we open our bedroom windows/people walk by.

It's south facing but not sure on soil type as its been compacted down with stones for years. We're hoping to dig it over and pop a good top soil on initially before putting anything in.

Esbm2015 Tue 07-Aug-18 10:34:22

Forgot to attach image!

MissCherryCakeyBun Tue 07-Aug-18 10:59:46

How much work do you want to do looking after it? Shrubs might work well but you would need to keep on top of them size wise. I've borrowed a couple of good books from the library by Alan Titchmarsh about garden design and plants that I strongly recommend. Also the why doesn't my garden book is great too

Esbm2015 Tue 07-Aug-18 11:03:46

Happy to do some work on it especially to keep it looking nice through the year.
Thanks for the book recommendation - will take a look if my local library has them too.

expatmigrant Tue 07-Aug-18 11:07:45

I have planted lavender and a white climbing rose in my front garden. Smells lovely

NanTheWiser Tue 07-Aug-18 11:21:03

If you can accommodate a climber, then Jasmine would smell wonderful in summer. For the winter, Sarcococca confusa - sweet box, which has small insignificant flowers in December that have a wonderful scent, and doesn't grow very large.

OneOfTheGrundys Tue 07-Aug-18 11:25:35

I have lavender all through mine and lining the front path. Only problem is that it’s grown too well and we have to walk round the path now instead in down it! The bees love it too.

auntyflonono Tue 07-Aug-18 11:34:26

A cottage garden style would look lovely there. What about a David Austin rose, there are some very strongly scented ones. I would have Hollyhock and cornflowers. Jasmine and honeysuckle if you have somewhere for them to climb.

JT05 Tue 07-Aug-18 11:52:23

Viburnum burkwoodii has a beautiful scent in late spring, early summer. It’s an evergreen shrub so would give structure to your garden.

mrsnec Tue 07-Aug-18 12:07:31

I have a very smelly garden in a good way. Roses and Jasmine here. I find the deepest colour roses are the most pungent.

Is there space for fruit trees? Some blossoms smell nice?

HardAsSnails Tue 07-Aug-18 12:21:18

I would work with the conditions and plant a dry Mediterranean (herb?) bed that requires minimal watering. Then perhaps a tree or shrub in a large pot to conserve moisture.

HardAsSnails Tue 07-Aug-18 12:22:36

A fig would work with Mediterranean planting. I've got one in a brick planter and it's so easy to care for and fruits well.

AmIAWeed Wed 08-Aug-18 08:01:48

I saw the topic title and came on to recomend Sarcococca confusa - sweet box but NanTheWiser beat me to it. I have it along our front hedge and it really does smell amazing in winter, it's evergreen as well so can give you structure but also scent in the winter when everything else is a bit dull.
I'd be tempted to grow it in a low hedge along the wall just like you would a low box hedge. Perhaps a row of lavender for scent in the summer and a lilac for spring smells.

AudreyBillingham Sat 11-Aug-18 22:57:01

Something like this, maybe

There's also one called Rubarb and Custard which is a bit bigger, I think

Esbm2015 Sun 12-Aug-18 12:01:22

Thanks for all your ideas. Especially love the thought of sarcococca and the honeysuckle too,along with English garden which had been my first thought

purplegreen99 Sun 12-Aug-18 12:56:33

Daphnes are another lovely evergreen with beautifully scented flowers.

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