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My cucumbers are doomed. Doomed.

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wakemeupbefore Thu 14-Jun-18 00:08:19

Mini Munch grown from seed, nice & healthy, planted into ginormous self-watering pots in summerhouse. Dying. I know I over watered the buggers as never used the self-watering thingies before, leaves turned all yellow-white, plants puny and pathetic. Finally cottoned on (I am slow) - too much water, took pots outside where DH proceeded to vigorously water them as they 'looked so dry'.
Should I just pull them out of their misery and start again or could there be hope? sad

GingerKitCat Thu 14-Jun-18 21:50:31

Any pics? I have no experience growing cucumbers, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along!

WindyWednesday Fri 15-Jun-18 21:36:28

Might be fungal on the leaves?

SergeantPfeffer Sat 16-Jun-18 13:10:36

How long have they been in the summerhouse and is it heated? Tender plants go white and weedy if exposed to the cold ime, so if this happened a month or two ago I would think they got too cold. Shouldn’t be a problem now, though!

wakemeupbefore Sun 17-Jun-18 13:56:24

Thank you all for your replies. Don't think they'll be any use, had too many seedlings and the smallest one, which I almosr put in the compost, is now big healthy plant with large dark green leaves, tiny fruit and many flowers. The healthy ones planted in the pots in summerhouse, pale yellow/greenish, small leaves and nothing else. Will leave one pot of the sicklings and see whether they recover. Most optimistically, am germinating a few more just in case we'll have extra long Indian Summer, they could move in the greenhouse if not.
Am I mad to germinate now?
[yes I am]

SergeantPfeffer Sun 17-Jun-18 14:21:06

I don’t know, if they’re little cucumbers then they fruit pretty quickly. I germinated mine in April and they’re almost ready to pick now, so about 1-2 months. I reckon you might get at least a few if you germinate now. Seed don’t last forever so you might as well!

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