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Something js eating my plants!

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LastYearsStocking Sun 27-May-18 19:08:26

The children planted some sunflowers and sweet peas. Something has eaten all the sunflowers which were a couple of inches high and has started on the sweet peas!

I can't see the culprit. Is there are thing I do to stop this? I have pets so don't want to spray anything that could hurt them. Thanks

JT05 Sun 27-May-18 19:13:01

Sounds like slugs and snails. Sourround each plant with grit/ broken egg shells or coffee grounds.

Knittedfairies Sun 27-May-18 19:40:40

Yep, sounds like slugs and snails.

TipseyTorvey Sun 27-May-18 19:46:56

B*stard slugs'n'snails. Check the plants daily under the leaves and throw any away that have made themselves comfortable. I am evil and use slug pellets sparingly as have too many plants I don't want destroyed but neighbour swears by using straw around the base of the plant as they don't like it.

GingerKitCat Sun 27-May-18 20:32:55

The jury's still out on slug pellets:

some info here

I wondered about organic pellets but had a hunch they might not be effective.
Conversely if they're poisonous to a slug they'd be poisonous to other creatures?
Like Tipsey I use the evil blue ones to protect plants sad

Asda seem to do some bargainous organic ones with mostly good reviews, I might give them a try:


kikibo Sun 27-May-18 20:40:57

Also look for slugs buried immediately under the soil around the plants. Sometimes they dig themselves in a little to protect against the sun.

Evil f*ckers

TalkinPeece Sun 27-May-18 21:15:29

There is a fantastic, ultra green, hedgehog friendly way to keep slugs away from plants
Slug Gone - wool pellets
I put a 6 inch layer around all plants
they are utterly non toxic
but slugs and snails hate to cross them
and they rot doen into fertiliser
and they are a waste product of UK hill farms
what is not to like

GingerKitCat Sun 27-May-18 21:47:54

Thanks for the tip @TalkinPeece!

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