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Is this palm tree dead?

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velvetcandy Wed 23-May-18 12:24:15

Is this palm tree dead? The majority of it is brown but I just noticed a little green bit coming through? Any ideas? Thanks

MikeUniformMike Wed 23-May-18 12:25:26

It will probably sprout again.

velvetcandy Wed 23-May-18 12:26:15

Do you know what to do with it? Should I plant it in the ground or pot and do I remove the dead bits?

MikeUniformMike Wed 23-May-18 12:52:10

The middle bit looks alive. Cut off any light brown obviously dead bits. You can leave it in the pot and water it a bit, or put it in the ground. It might take ages to recover but I'd say it probably will.

velvetcandy Wed 23-May-18 13:53:31

Thanks wine

MikeUniformMike Wed 23-May-18 14:03:17

You're welcome. Good luck. I've had a few plants come back to life including a palm tree.

JT05 Wed 23-May-18 16:12:52

Mine looks like that, I’m hoping it will come through.

velvetcandy Wed 23-May-18 18:09:04

Can you feed it anything to help it like miracle grow?

MrsMarigold Wed 23-May-18 18:14:51

It looks ok, my parents had one that burnt, it was spectacular, it looked like it was a gonna but came back do you think it needs repotting?

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