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Are these shoots dead?

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Sunshine49 Mon 21-May-18 18:17:47

Hi everyone, I have these random dead (?) shoots sticking out through my campanula. Do you think these are completely dead and need to be removed, or is there a chance that they could recover? I’ve only had the garden for about six months and know absolutely nothing about plants, so am struggling to work out what everything is.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

TERFragetteCity Mon 21-May-18 18:19:43

Just chop them back to the ground if they aren't budding and above a stem if they are. the easiest way is to chop back to above each bud, until the stem inside shows some green and then stop. If it doesn't show green until the bottom then it is either dead, or will shoot from the base.

Knittedfairies Mon 21-May-18 18:22:38

They look like last year’s flower stems; do as TERFragette suggests.

JT05 Mon 21-May-18 18:23:27

It looks like you’ve got a fuchsia in there. The sticks are probably last year’s dead stems.

Sunshine49 Mon 21-May-18 18:41:28

Lovely, thanks so much everyone!

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