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If you had one wish...

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SingaVera Mon 19-Feb-18 16:37:39

I am studying a masters in sustainability and design and for one of my projects I need to come up with an innovative product made of plastic for the garden (for gardening or leisure). This could also be indoor gardens, balconies, communal gardens etc. The product must be sustainable (so I also need to look into bio plastics, recycled plastics business models etc.

I had an idea that turned out to be not feasible from a business point of view. So I am in need of new inspiration.

Is there anything that you would like to see changed for gardening or garden activities? Something that you think could be more sustainable than existing solutions or even something completely new that would solve any problems you might have at the moment?

Please help me get inspired! xx

Thank you!

Cantspell2 Tue 20-Feb-18 12:38:54

You might be better asking this question on a dedicated graders site like gardeners world

AmIAWeed Tue 20-Feb-18 16:19:36

for me there are so many elements to the project it's hard to think of something revolutionary but I think i'd focus on things that I use lots in the garden that are 'throw away'
Garden ties is one. the metal stuff coated in plastic? Something like that which is biodegradable would be great. Same with plant pots, I end up with hundreds and would feel happier if it was in plastic pots I knew would degrade quickly.
The only 'miracle' product I'd love is some gardening gloves that are warm, waterproof and thorn proof, but also useable. If they can be made i'd be over the moon

SingaVera Fri 23-Feb-18 12:56:49

Thanks both!

I will check out the form @cantspell2 great tip!

@amIaWeed, I like the idea of better gardening pots... I have tons if them in the garage thinking I might use them again, but in the end each year I just end up adding to the pile.... This might not really work for this particular project as it needs to be an original design idea, but I have another assignment on making an existing product more sustainable and I will use the idea for that! I'm thinking, more sustainable material and possibly a return scheme so you can bring them back to the garden center to be reused for the next batch of plants rather than throw away and produce new ones each year... Thank you so much for that idea! As for the gloves, I think that would really be a miracle grin but will have a look into it!

WellTidy Fri 23-Feb-18 17:04:40

Plastic plant pots not being recyclable is a bugbear of mine. I bought loads and loads of plants last year. Took them back to the garden centre with me each time I visited and they wouldn't accept them due to the risk of disease.

Could reading them be in some way combined with a watering system?

TellsEveryoneRealFacts Fri 23-Feb-18 17:07:30

My one wish would be to not make anything else for the garden out of plastic.

Garden ties is one. the metal stuff coated in plastic? Something like that which is biodegradable would be great.

You mean something like twine or string?

extinctspecies Fri 23-Feb-18 17:09:44

Plastic plant pots which are both recycled and easily recyclable.

I have far more than I am ever likely to re-use.

extinctspecies Fri 23-Feb-18 17:11:57

I would also really like a rainwater harvesting system which can easily be attached to my poly tunnel and collects the rainwater there, and used to feed into an effective watering system inside, rather than me having to haul watering cans up the garden or a massively long hose pipe which often develops leaks.

The Big Drippa just doesn't work. Needs to be simple, and cheap enough to use on a small scale.

ReinettePompadour Fri 23-Feb-18 17:16:21

I would like a plastic recycled protective cover for lawns and newley sewn grass seed.

When I put new grass seed down the birds steal it and I cant walk on it until its grown sufficiently. I want to be able to sew the seed, cover it, walk on it immediately and allow water and light through it.

I sew a lot of grass seed because my dogs trash the garden. Something like this would be fantastic.

AmIAWeed Fri 23-Feb-18 17:27:08

You mean something like twine or string?
That would be the stuff!!!
Seriously though sometimes something stronger is needed and string/twine doesn't do it.

Cantspell2 Sat 24-Feb-18 06:27:57

Reinettepompadour you will never be able to walk on it straight away as but a small tip if you are doing patches in your lawn caused by your dog. Mix you lawn seed in a clear plastic bag with some compost. Seal the bag and place somewhere warm and light until the seed starts to shoot. Once it has shooted rake over the area where you want to patch add a handful of compost and spread the shooted seed over it.
Cover over it with a bit of old poly tunnel or garden mesh to protect it for a couple of weeks and you will have a nicely patched lawn.

JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Sat 24-Feb-18 07:46:24

The most amazing tying stuff I've found is like electrical wire casing - just a long hollow tube. It's incredibly flexible and strong. A recycled version of that would be great.

Also plant pots. I have many many and would love to be able to recycle them or change them into something else.

Sorry but I can't think of another item which I'd like to see in plastic, apart from a trug or something for picking soft fruit into.

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