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Screening for oil tank?

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BrassicaBabe Mon 05-Feb-18 12:41:31


We have a large green oil tank (I think it's 2500litres) in our garden. It's sat high too as it's on about concrete blocks about 6 layers high. I'd like to screen it off. Can anyone help with ideas? I'm not much of a gardener. blush

I was wondering about hazel or willow screens. Or what about a bamboo that won't take over the garden? Or is there a climber? Any pointers gratefully received!


Alpestris Sat 10-Feb-18 15:50:59

Any of those would be good. Just be careful if you go for Bamboo - some are clump-forming (good), others are spreading (bad!), so check the rhs website before you buy. Trellis with clematis, Lonicera, climbing Roses etc also works well.

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