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Disaster in the garden!

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festivedinosaur Sat 13-Jan-18 10:01:36

Just returned home from holiday to find that our neighbour has cut down his cherry tree that beautifully blossomed on the border of our gardens.

It also concealed an ugly house at the rear which is now sitting their with our windows directly facing each others.

I know its the neighbours right to do whatever he likes with his own trees, but i feel so sad at the loss of the beautiful tree.

Im not very green fingered myself and our garden is long and narrow, can anyone recommend something suitable for me to plant on our border that would be easy for a gardening novice and provide some screening ?

natnat84 Sat 13-Jan-18 11:36:52

Anything in the conifer family will grow very quickly and naturally form a nice shape without pruning. You can also purchase fruit tress that are already reasonably established and have them planted . This might be ideal since you could opt for something with similar blossoms to the one your neighbour had. They need very little care, you simply rake up the dead leaves in the autumn and get a tree surgeon in every few years once it gets very big. Don’t worry about any unpicked fruit, the local wildlife will take care of that for you. You’ll enjoy watching the birds feasting on it. The only thing I wouldn’t get is plum trees, mine overproduced and left rotting fruit on the ground to clear up and wasps became the vain of my life. If you want something smaller, fit a trellis and the chose a fast growing climber , jasmine is great because it smells nice and has pretty white flowers. You’ll need to trim it and tie it in occasionally but it’s really not difficult . Good luck

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