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Korean fir

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Ekphrasis Sun 26-Nov-17 08:32:48

I’d like to try to find a nice Korean fir in a pot to be then hopefully continually grown to use as a small Xmas tree each year, kept in a pot. A friend had one from a supermarket one year.

The larger ones (around 1m) seem very expensive online. Is it a pipe dream? Or just get a baby and spend a few years growing it? Had anyone seen one?

yamadori Sun 26-Nov-17 14:04:05

Garden centres quite often stock them in their conifer section (I got one a while back) and this time of year there are usually loads of conifers sold as mini Christmas trees. The Korean fir (Abies Koreana) is fairly slow-growing when in a pot by the way, which is why the bigger ones are expensive.

Ekphrasis Mon 27-Nov-17 10:25:16

Thanks, yes I think I’ve come thought the conclusion I need to go to the garden centres!

sizenines Mon 27-Nov-17 11:03:14

It sounds like a nice idea, just remember that being brought indoors can be quite a shock to a conifer. You can minimise the threat of killing it by putting it somewhere cool, draught free and keeping the humidity up with a bowl of water nearby without over watering the tree itself. The shorter time indoors the better for the plant.

Ekphrasis Mon 27-Nov-17 11:21:55

Yes, I’ll be acclimatising, and I think it’ll go in the porch which remains very cold (we store food there on Xmas eve!)

yamadori Mon 27-Nov-17 16:27:20

Sorry OP I wasn't being flippant suggesting you went to a garden centre (!) - it's just that a lot of garden centres often tend to stock only the latest 'in fashion' varieties these days, but the Korean fir does seem to crop up fairly regularly.

Ekphrasis Mon 27-Nov-17 16:49:33

No I didn’t take it like that.

Ekphrasis Mon 27-Nov-17 16:50:17

I’m surprised I couldn’t find a medium sized one online. They’re either seeds, twigs or huge!

yamadori Mon 04-Dec-17 15:55:58

Search 'Tree Nursery' and the name of your county - hopefully it will bring up a number of commercial growers which might also sell to the public.

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