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Clueless about plants!!

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youvegottobekidding Fri 10-Nov-17 09:11:14

So our back garden is drab. In an attempt to 'brighten' it up somewhat and I get that it's most likely the wrong time of year to do this, we got a few plants. We got a 'Hebe' - which we have 2 potted ones already at the front of the house that we've had a few years so we know they are hardy plants which will last throughout the winter. We also got a small Lavender, Hardy Fuchsia Beacon and a Coreopsis sweet Marmalade. Would we be better to just plant these in bigger pots as opposed to actually planting them in the ground over winter? Any tips much appreciated!!!

sizenines Fri 10-Nov-17 09:35:57

There are several issues. What is the aspect of your planting area? You will need to prepare the soil. Some plants including bare rooted ones could be planted now but unless you have an overall scheme to take account of aspect and soil IIWM I would wait until a plan was achieved. Otherwise you could waste a lot of money on plants that are unsuitable or won't survive in the conditions.

Get some advice: local people will be able to tell you what does well if they are interested gardeners, and go online - there is plenty of advice there if you specify what you are after.

I would leave the things in pots where they are, if they are thriving where they are there should be no reason to move them.

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