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homemade compost for use in containers?

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NotAnEMERGENCY Mon 06-Nov-17 15:24:53

Can I use homemade compost when potting up perennials/shrubs? (I'm not talking about planting up cuttings in pots.) Or is this only suitable for mulching/adding to soil in borders?

If I can use it in pots, does it need to be mixed with bought compost?

I normally use supermarket own brand multi-purpose compost but now have lots of homemade compost ready. (For the first time - yay!)

Ifailed Mon 06-Nov-17 15:27:33

you'd need to add the compost to some loam and possibly some grit, depending on what you are planting. The compost will provide some of the nutrients that plants require, but not all.
I'd add your lovely home-made stuff to boarders, and then create my own mixture for pots etc. for use next year.

NotAnEMERGENCY Wed 08-Nov-17 11:25:07

Noted - thanks!

Ifailed Wed 08-Nov-17 11:51:15

Quoting RHS: an aqequate homemade potting media can be made from a mixture of two-parts good garden soil to one-part garden compost

NotAnEMERGENCY Wed 08-Nov-17 15:50:09

That's useful to know!

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