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Fungus at base of tree

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ChishandFips33 Sun 29-Oct-17 09:28:22

Looking for advice
Very large ash tree with lots of ivy growing up it
In August we cut the roots to the ivy and now have this growing at the cut site

I've scared myself googling that the tree needs to come down due to Honey Fungus - any alternative advice please??

handslikecowstits Tue 31-Oct-17 11:13:46

From the pictures, I'm not sure that it is HF. This link is really good and will tell you how to find out if it really is HF. If you click on the individual pictures on the page, it tells you to peel away the bark. It is very difficult to tell just from looking at the mushrooms. If the tree is nice and healthy (had nice leaves) during summer, there mightn't be anything to worry about. Do check before chopping the tree down. Ashes are becoming rare and they are quite lovely. smile

handslikecowstits Tue 31-Oct-17 11:14:16

Here's the link

ChishandFips33 Tue 31-Oct-17 23:11:12

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out

It's an impressive tree and I think googling wasn't the best idea!

I'm leaning towards it being more normal and have relaxed a little

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