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Tree or large shrub with shallow(ish) roots ?

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didireallysaythat Sun 22-Oct-17 09:10:05

Yes that makes no sense really but we have to fell 3 cherries on our boundary as they have damaged our neighbours drains. We'll get them stump grinded as well and then I'd like to plant something in their place to act as a screen between us. Aiming for 2-3 m tall, spread more than that (or plant a couple).

I fancy a lilac, smoke bush, mock orange or buddelia (quick to fill and I presume don't need deep roots as they grow in crack in houses etc)

Other suggestion ?

IamSpartacusTheGardener Mon 23-Oct-17 17:02:59

Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus) will give you a bit of a screen and root too deeply. Some of your other options will have serious roots after 3-5 years.

didireallysaythat Mon 23-Oct-17 17:16:19

I should have said we've already to a hedge between us, about a metre high, even green (can't remember the plant). I'm planning to plant around a metre away. The drains will already be disturbed, so I was hoping if we don't let a new shrub get to the height of the tree (10+ metres) we'll probably be ok....

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