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New to gardening. What shall I do this weekend in my garden. Please help.

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Goandplay Thu 12-Oct-17 14:54:02

I'm starting with my front garden.

I want to make the flower bed wider and plant 2 pots for the door step.

Where shall start?

Should I mow the lawn first?

FuzzyCustard Thu 12-Oct-17 19:20:06

I'd have a general tidy up first. It makes it easier to see what's what.

And you'll need to decide what sort of soil you've got (sandy or clay?)as it will affect what will grow well. Has the garden been previously cultivated and do you know what's in it? I know there is a general recommendation to leave it a year to see what happens, but I for one, couldn't bear to wait that long.

And have a nosy round other gardens in the neighbourhood see what is doing well in their gardens.

Pithivier Fri 13-Oct-17 09:32:17

I would not mow the lawn first. Dig up the soil for your new borders and turn it up side down. You should. see lots of insects, and worms which will indicate a healthy soil. Leave it alone for half a day to give the insects a chance to crawl back into the soil. If you have a compost heap you can dispose of the trench that you have dug up into that. Rake over you soil and plant you new stuff.

If your front garden plants look like they are struggling you may need to add some Compost to your garden soil. If they are thriving then plant up your new stuff and add a layer of composted Bark around the plants. This will keep in moisture, warmth and keep down the weeds. The worms and other insects will break down the compost and take it down to the roots of your plants.

If you think your soil needs improving, there is a company called Compost Direct who sell excellent stuff and are really helpful.

Goandplay Fri 13-Oct-17 15:05:53

How exciting.

Thank you. We've lived with the lovely garden the previous owner left behind for 3 years and sadly we are slowly ruining it. My DP cuts things back for them to never grow again.

Will let you know how I get on.

Pithivier Fri 13-Oct-17 19:23:42

I always joke that I won't go into a deep sleep near my OH In Case he thinks I am dead and disposes of me. He used to go out and hack at stuff indiscriminately, pull of dead stuff that was just dormant and prune plants at the wrong time of year. He is better now but I still want to tie up his hands if Isee him looking too closely at the garden

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