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Pet/child safe but still effective weed killer

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Squ1ggle Sun 02-Jul-17 04:59:16

When we bought our house we inherited a full on jungle. Neither myself or DH are green fingers but we have tried our best but failed miserably to deal with the crazily weeds that are everywhere. They're just so persistent that we've reached the conclusion that we basically need to employ a scorched earth strategy, dig everything up, kill off the weeds, suppress regrowth for a year and then start again but I'm worried that I'll end up poisoning the cat or the toddler. Any recommendations?

Ifailed Sun 02-Jul-17 05:31:22

cut everything down with a strimmer etc. Remove the root ball of larger bushes if possible. Cover with a layer of old carpet. Wait until next spring.

LionsOnTour Sun 02-Jul-17 05:34:51

I'd actually employ a scorched earth strategy and use a blow touch thing for weeds.

You can hire big ones if you need to do a larger area.

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