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Best way to treat lawn overrun with clover - kid friendly

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SleepFreeZone Sat 01-Jul-17 08:06:09

I'm not sure the best way to tackle the lawn. It is overrun with clover, and now overrun with bees. Which have led to both children getting stung 😬

The lawnmower doesn't catch all the clover when we mow so there are always bees in the lawn. It sounds wonderful for the wildlife but unfortunately the children step on them and get stung.

I was looking at the weed and feed type products and they are obviously not safe for babies and my 17 month old is stil at that stage where he is putting things in his mouth. I went out there with the rake yesterday and tried to lift the clover so my partner could get the lawnmower over it and clear it a bit but the lawn really is a state. Hardly any grass growing, predominantly clover and daisies.

Anyone got any advice?

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