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Ideas for garden storage cupboard

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theclockticksslowly Tue 27-Jun-17 10:57:23

I've very much got the gardening bug over the last year and up to now just have my tools, plant feed etc on a bench under cover. I'd like to tidy this all up a bit and have been looking for a garden storage cabinet type thing with one or two shelves that is approximately waist height. I'd also like it to be waterproof. I'd prefer one with doors that open at the front rather than a chest type one. I can't spend a fortune but it definitely needs to be waterproof. Has anyone got something similar they can recommend? Thanks!

wildfell Thu 06-Jul-17 10:00:36

Ikea do a range called Hindo that includes an outdoor cupboard, shelving and a potting bench - might fit the bill?

viques Fri 07-Jul-17 00:33:35

Hi, can't do links I'm afraid but I bought a rowlinson ship lap mini garden store from tesco on line a couple of years ago. You have to put it together yourself (two person job but straightforward) . Quite small but fits a lot in, we don't have a lawn but you could get a mower in there if you needed. Has stood up to winter rain etc . Wooden so It needs to be stained before you assemble. Has one shelf, roof is roofing felt, all supplied in kit, all you need to buy extra is a padlock to secure the door. Would recommend for a small garden. Cost about £124 .

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