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Debris from bulbs

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TestTubeTeen Sat 10-Jun-17 17:26:15

I had a lovely display of thick clumps of small blue flowers along the front of my border in the early spring, grape hyacinths, I think. But now there is just a lot of dead heads with yellowy dead seed pods all over the place.

In my very inexperienced gardening knowledge I know I have to leave daffodil leaves to die back and disappear - is it the same for these stalks and seed heads? They are a real mess and don't seem to be disappearing.

What can I do?

Ferguson2 Sat 10-Jun-17 20:25:47

Cut off any debris you don't want, and put it on a compost heap. You may find the bulbs have multiplied and some are too near the surface of the ground; I don't think you need to look after them in the way you do for daffodils or other more 'important' bulbs, and in fact they can become a nuisance if allowed to increase too much.

TestTubeTeen Sun 11-Jun-17 05:27:53

Thank you!

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