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Cucumber and tomato plant

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foodiefil Tue 06-Jun-17 09:37:18

They're outside uncovered and it's raining. Will they be ok or should I move them? Did have a greenhouse but don't anymore - do I need to get one to have any hope of growing toms and cucumbers? Sorry if this is a stupid question 😔

foodiefil Tue 06-Jun-17 09:45:39

That's the tomato plant on the right hand side - cucumber at a similar stage. Chillis/rosemary and thyme in the other pots if anyone was interested

Eatingcheeseontoast Tue 06-Jun-17 11:27:19

They look pretty healthy. YOu may need to pot on the chilli though.

The chilli would probably be happier on a sunny windowsill than outside in the rain. Or in one of those pop up greenhouses from Wilkos or similar. £10 plastic one.

It just keeps them a bit warmer and the tom would fit in too.

If you live in the sunny warm south west you'll be OK - if you live in the damp cold north (like me) they won't do well outside.

The rain itself won't do them any harm as long as the water can drain out of the pots.

foodiefil Tue 06-Jun-17 12:03:48

Thank you. I'll bring the chilli in and get a little green house again!

They're out the front atm because the back is north/east facing.

I'm in the north too 😟

BartiDdu Tue 06-Jun-17 18:02:49

For the tomato, it depends on the variety really. I grow tomatoes outdoors and get a decent crop, but have to be careful about what I plant as some are a bit more hardy than others. I find that bush tomatoes often work well for growing outdoors.

Polyanthus Sat 10-Jun-17 08:21:07

I'm in the north too and tomatoes and cucumbers do pretty well. I have them on patio against a sunny wall. I always grow cherry toms and think these are a bit easier outdoors - have done the v reliable gardeners delight in past but now growing sun gold. Cucumber varieties are the old reliable market more and the mini diva.

However I don't do well with courgettes - have tried romanesco for the first time this year so hoping they will do better.

AnarchyKitty Sat 10-Jun-17 08:45:05

My cucumber plant isn't doing much at all. It hasn't grown but hasn't died either. I think I'm going to try it under the velux, if that doesn't work I'll give it to my postman for his greenhouse.

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