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could this be a Cockchafer beetle?

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catscatscats20 Wed 31-May-17 23:20:00

Evening all,

I'm new to gardening and identification of insects/beetles, but this afternoon I noticed this creature (will attach photo!) on my roses, I have spent some time looking across the internet to see if I could id it and came across the Cockchafer beetle and wanted a second opinion!

Bettyspants Wed 31-May-17 23:20:50

Yup! Otherwise known as the may fly 😄

catscatscats20 Wed 31-May-17 23:24:31

Thanks for replying!

I did a little internal shudder when I saw it as it was huge and clinging on really tightly! If there's one will there be more? Iv never seen one before!

DancingLedge Wed 31-May-17 23:27:03

Round here they batter against windows after dark at this time of year.Large and noisy. Bit creepy.

floatingfrog Wed 31-May-17 23:28:50

I had an upturned one on my windersill last night. It looked like a tarantula eating an enormous caterpillar. Creepy things.

catscatscats20 Wed 31-May-17 23:34:00

I don't really want to see another one, iv double checked iv shut all my windows I have visions of waking up in the middle of the night and there being a swarm of them in my bedroom!!

ProseccoBitch Wed 31-May-17 23:42:47

They're known as may bugs round here. Huge, noisy buggers.

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