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Is using a cultivator bad for soil?

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FierceShushing Mon 29-May-17 07:29:19

I want to dig a new border in my garden which would be about 8-10 meters long in all. I could do it myself, but in seven years I still haven't managed to and I'm wondering about using a cultivator. At the moment the ground is grass after years of leylandii growing there. It would be quick but I never see using a cultivator recommended. Is it very bad for the soil? Any advice much appreciated.

AlternativeTentacle Mon 29-May-17 07:47:37

Yes. It chops up worms which are what make good topsoil.

Easiest way to make a new bed on grass...put some sides down which can be as cheap as decking boards or you could have used the bits of leylandii that were cut down. Cover grass with newspaper or card and add soil in top. Soak the newspaper before adding the soil. Then plant up. The newspaper and soil will kill off the grass and in a couple of years the soil will have reduced down and you can remove the sides of you don't like them. You don't have to screw the sides together, I use bits of pallet made into pegs and just whack them vertically on the outside as pi a to support the sides, the soil inside stops the sides from falling inwards.

FierceShushing Mon 29-May-17 10:17:17

That is brilliant. I hadn't even considered a no dig solution like this. I've been discussing it with dh and making a plan of action. Inspired! Thank you very much, Tentacle.

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