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Drooping Hydrangea

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Trampire Sun 28-May-17 15:21:10

Hello all,

I'm new to gardening so need a bit of help I think.

I've planted a young Hydrangea plant in a new bed. It's in well drained soil, sheltered, gets sun and shade. It's been planted a few metered away from where there was a large mature Hydrangea (was here when we moved in) that we had to remove to make way for some new decking. So I thought the spot would be good.

Anyway, the problem is the leaves are drooping and there is some small brown bits on the edges on some leaves that feel dry and brittle.
I realise the weather has been very hot the last few days and I watered it a lot in the evening. Could I have watered it too much? Its been slightly more overcast the last few days so I thought it might perk up but not yet. I stuck my finger right down into the soil this morning and it feels moist.

Shall I just leave it alone?

Trethew Sun 28-May-17 16:25:40

To be flowering at that size, at this time of year, means they have been forced, and grown under glass/polythene. If you want it to survive and grow into a proper bush I think you should remove all the flowers and let it adjust to garden conditions

Callmegeoff Sun 28-May-17 16:27:24

When you planted it did you heel it in? -Firm all round the plant to insure there are no air pockets and insure the roots are in contact with soil.

I know hydrangeas like lots of water my recently planted climbing hydrangea looked like that but perked up once I watered it.

The other thing I can think of is that it's a forced one that was bought on to flower early under glass and is now sulking because it hasn't been hardened off ?

Trampire Sun 28-May-17 16:36:56

Thanks. I did use my heel to really firm up the soil just after I planted it. When I bought it the flowers were only just coming. They weren't big Pom poms, but maybe it is used to being under glass?

I remove some of the flowers then and see what happens.

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