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Hose recommendations please.

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SloanyAnne Sun 28-May-17 12:47:39

Which hoses, reels and fittings have you found to be reliable please? I'm fed up with leaky fittings and reels that leak, stick or follow me across the garden in an unhelpful fashion.
My big hose pipe is Hozelock professional and the pipe is good but it leaks at the caddy.

AstrantiaMajor Mon 29-May-17 07:34:19

No recommendation for a good one, just advice to avoid Hozelock. We have just bought a new one it was useless. We made another mistake of buying and extra piece as the Rose head supplied was too weak. . The new one drips every where thus doubling the wast of money.

AlternativeTentacle Mon 29-May-17 07:37:34

I bought one of those expandable ones. It was bloody marvellous until last week when I wrapped it around a bag of compost and cut off the water exit and it burst. I will be buying another as they are fabulous.

SloanyAnne Mon 29-May-17 09:09:12

Thanks both. Who was your expandable hose made by Alternative?

AstrantiaMajor Thu 01-Jun-17 19:58:21

I a man giving up with my new hose. Has anyone bought a Gardenia hose?

Oldraver Fri 02-Jun-17 22:38:45

Yes I bought a new Hozelock last year and it has started to leak. The last one lasted about 15 odd years so think thye have gone downhill.

I wanted to buy an X-Hose but read lots of bad reviews

AstrantiaMajor Sat 03-Jun-17 07:11:17

I bought a Gardena hose yesterday. I am giving my new hozelock one to my DD. I will report back once I have used it.

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Sat 03-Jun-17 07:33:54

I bought an expanding one in Aldi or Lidl a few weeks ago. It's so easy to use compared to a conventional one, I love it but the tap connector leaks badly and is an integral part of it, I am going to try and get new fittings onto it though.

AlternativeTentacle Sat 03-Jun-17 08:10:41

XHose. it was fab until i broke it.

everywhichway Wed 07-Jun-17 22:22:01

I've got a YOYO hose and it's excellent. You can find them on Amazon.

fenneltea Sat 10-Jun-17 16:17:07

The best hose that I've found, and the one most professionals use is the tricoflex hose. Mine's lasted years and doesn't kink or twist either.

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