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Plant ideas please for a steep east facing slope

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mypinkmonkey Thu 25-May-17 13:55:40

Hi lovely fellow gardeners. I would be interested in your ideas for planting up a steep exposed slope - its about 30m long in total and rises 4/5 m over about 6/8m so its pretty steep! It is east facing so gets early morning sun and then full sun most of day in summer but is blasted by the north east wind in the winter. We are on top of a hill.
At the top i intend to put in a line of tall grasses - miscanthus etc but below that i guess I need evergreen tough hardy ground cover planting that don't need a lot of maintenance!
i will attach a photo - grass in photo has now been laid on level area below the slope.
I am proposing to plant in the autumn when i can buy bare rooted plants where possible to cut down on cost!
Anyway your ideas would be much appreciated. TIA

JT05 Thu 25-May-17 16:10:42

For ground cover, I'd suggest
Vinca, both major and minor in a range from white to deep magenta.
Saxifrage, doesn't mind cold weather.
Lamium - ornamental dead nettle - comes in white, purple and yellow.
Persicaria, come in large and small varieties.

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