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Has anyone hired someone to prepare land/ground before?

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witsender Wed 24-May-17 19:49:00

I'm very blush at even contemplating this but hey ho. 😂 We have a long garden with what once was a veg plot at the end. However the previous owners hadn't used it in years and it is overgrown and the soil itself is full of bits of stone and rock, broken pots etc.

When we first moved in we had a go at rotavating it, to not much avail. We do grow in the greenhouse, but I keep looking at the plot and wishing I could get on with it. However I am pregnant and knackered and DH is busy with the rest of the projects he has on so I wondered about hiring someone for a day to come and prep it for us.

Not yet, as am broke, but at some point. Is this 'do-able' or not the done thing? Or is there something else I can feasibly do that I am missing?

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