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Does this bed work for you think?

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WellTidy Tue 16-May-17 21:37:50

I have a raised bed, part sun, part shade. It is about 10 metres wide x 1 metre deep. It slopes down. I live in the south east.

I have a low pink rose with very small flowers, 3 purple lavender, erysimum Bowles mauve and an azalea already in the bed, and that I am keeping. I have dug the rest of the bed out, ready for planting. I am only looking to have pink, purple and white flowers in the garden, but I am happy to buy non flowering shrubs too.

Would white hydrangeas, white lavender and little lady purple lavender, more erysimum Bowles mauve and some white and some purple campanula sound ok for the rest of the bed? Or anything else? I am a complete novice, all advice appreciated.

JT05 Wed 17-May-17 07:59:57

They sound perfect. I'd also look at some silver foliage plants which would go well with the darker purple.
Such as Brunnera, which have small blue flowers, Cineraria which has small flowers that you remove to keep the foliage going.
I've tried a limited palate with my new bed, but have given in to the odd splash of yellow!

WellTidy Wed 17-May-17 08:48:42

Thank you for your thoughts JT. I like the thought of silver foliage. I am going to take a trip to the garden centre as Crocus doesn't have cineraria and the brunnera it has doesn't have silver foliage.

I'm sure your bed looks lovely with yellow. I have nothing against yellow! I still have daffodil bulbs planted, and I have a huge hypericum hidcote that fills a space and I can't afford really to dig it up as then I'd need something to replace it, but I have decided from now on only to buy white, pick and purple flowering plants.

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