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Online plants & compost recommendations

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Monkey2333 Sun 14-May-17 16:10:23

Hello all,
I'm looking to buy a selection of scrubs & plants for my garden plus a load of compost, mulch & bark chipping. I'd prefer it to be delivered all in one go and ideally to pay less than the garden centre prices.
Does anyone have recommendation of where to try online?
Secondly, how do you rate the quality of supermarket plants?
Thank you smile

MGwynzy Sun 14-May-17 16:38:42

Compost Direct do really good Compost and are helpful with suggestions. supermarket plants are hit and miss in my opinion. If you get them as soon as they are delivered to the store they can be good. I have bought lots of plants from Wilko which have been tremendous value and have lasted for years. Some £3 and £4 Acers bought 3 years ago have caught up and outshone from some nursery ones I have. Generally, I find Homebase superior to B&Q

Absolute best place on line is Crocus. They are not cheap but have thousands of choices, great website, first class plants, well packed and a money back guarantee if they fail.

My worst experience has been with Primrose and Hayloft, although good sent the wrong plants.

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